Evolution of a Brand Identity

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I am extremely passionate about identity design and brand development. It’s my favorite area of the advertising/marketing industry. Although identity is not only a part of what branding is, it’s where my knowledge and experience is most applicable. Therefore, it’ll be what I’ll be discussing in this article. Read More

Four key branding trends in 2017

By Branding

Humans are enamoured with the latest trends – what’s the hot new fad, what do I need to keep my eye out for, what will help my brand succeed, what does the latest research say and how does all this impact upon my brand, business and bottom line. Landor’s president of North America, Stuart Sproule, summarised his thoughts for 2017: “We are seeing the most complex brand landscape ever. Consumers want the latest in technology, more personalised experiences, more opportunities to interact – all in a more simple, streamlined process.” Read More